Futsal club for youth players

About Ginga Futsal Factory

Ginga Futsal Factory is dedicated to:

  • developing futsal players in New England through high-quality coaching
  • training teams that compete for regional and national championships
  • creating innovative camps and clinics to help develop futsal and soccer players

Our History

Ginga was founded to focus on providing the most advanced futsal and soccer training, blending superior individual and team capabilities. Our efforts have attained outstanding results:

  • Ginga coaches invited to be part of the USYF National Team staff;
  • Dozens of our teams have been either Champions or Finalists at the USYF or USFF Northeast Regional Championships;
  • Four of our teams have either been Champions or Finalists at the National Championships organized by USYF, USFF and World Futsal;
  • Several of our players have represented their country for the USYF Youth National Team at their respective ages.

Our Name

‘Ginga’ embodies our approach to the game. Ginga is rhythm and grace in futsal and soccer. It is creativity. Ginga is not simply following the rules but having fun with the ball. It is the music of futsal and soccer. It is being fluid and coordinated. Ginga is dance.

Our Coaching Staff

Coach Lucas Dantas

Coach Lucas Dantas

Coach JP Leite

Coach JP Leite

Coach Marlon Quijada

Coach William Bessa

Coach Eliabe Martins

Coach Dennis Alas