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Futsal and Soccer Training

We offer best-in-class futsal and soccer training to players of all levels around northern New England. From Elite, National Team prospects, to focused players that are committed to improve their skills, we help our players’ development path. Our program is focused on technical and tactical skills.  We train in small groups, aligning players of similar and complementary skills, to enrich their experience.


Training Options – Winter Season


Program Description Ages  Day and Time Price
Ginga Futsal Open Class training for those training that want to complement or deepen their technical training during the Winter.

We will offer sessions, on Saturday, starting 11/20/2021 and ending on 2/12/2022.

Boys and Girls

U7 to U13




10 Reasons to Do Futsal Training


Futsal develops the same basic technique, skills, tactics, and knowledge as the 11v11 outdoor soccer game.

Ball Touches

Players touch the ball 210% more often than with indoor soccer, which increases ball competency.

Ball Control

With limited space, defined touchlines and constant opponent pressure, improved ball control technique and skills are required.


Because action is continuous, players must continue the play instead of stopping and watching.

Support Play

To escape from tight situations players must make supporting runs when teammates have the ball.

Speed of Play

Constant opponent pressure and a 4 second restart rule means players play and think fast.


As the action is nonstop the players are able to develop and improve technical and tactical understanding… no kick and run style of play is possible.


More opportunities to shoot; and with a smaller goal, players learn to shoot more accurately.

Play Fair

The Laws of the Game encourage playing skillfully and avoiding physical fouls.


The speed and intensity of the game is great fun for players, coaches, and parents!