About Ginga Futsal Factory

Ginga Futsal Factory is an advanced futsal development program that offers players 18 and younger a unique opportunity to train and compete with other high-level elite futsal and soccer players. Our directors and coaches have developed a complete curriculum that emphasizes technical skills and tactical competence as well as speed, agility, and balance. These skills are put into action during competitive league play and tournaments. More information about training appears here.

After one season with our program, we expect that players will see marked improvement in the following areas: ball control, attacking skills, movement off-the-ball, decision-making, passing, balance, athleticism, reflexes, and (for keepers especially) ball-handling, anticipation, playing the angles, challenges, and ball-distribution.

Ginga Futsal Factory is an independent organization and is not affiliated with any soccer club. We maintain a strict “no recruitment” policy, so that players from all soccer clubs are encouraged to participate in our programs without fear of being recruited by rival soccer organizations. Financial aid is also available on a case by case basis.

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Club Overview

Ginga Futsal Factory is an excellent complement for elite and premier-level soccer players, many of whom train all winter with their soccer clubs.

Ginga Futsal attempts to avoid conflict with the winter soccer commitments of our players.

Highlights of Ginga Futsal Factory

  • Teams comprised of players from a variety of premier soccer clubs.
  • Weekly training sessions.
  • Emphasis on player development: experienced futsal coaches help players improve both technically and tactically.
  • Teams compete in local or regional league play, appropriate to their skill.
  • Teams compete in tournaments, at the regional and national level.

Winter Elite Program Offerings

Program Description Ages Days
Winter Elite Two weekly practices plus game on weekends. Participation at Regional Tournament in New England.

Season begins before Thanksgiving and finishes before Presidents’ Day.

2009-2016 TBD by Age Group
Winter Elite High School One weekly practice plus game on weekends. Participation at Regional Tournament in New England.

Season begins in December in early February

2004-2008 TBD by Age Group
Out of State Tournament Participation at USYF Northeast Regionals Tournament in Atlantic City, NJ.

By invitation only.

2004-2015 NA

Year-Round Training Options


Spring Futsal Training

Emphasis on skill training and player identification. Our spring training schedule appears here.


Summer Futsal Training

Emphasis on skill training geared towards summer tournament play and national team tryouts, as well as camps.


Fall Futsal Training

Emphasis on skill training and player identification. During the fall, we offer open class training.


Winter Futsal Training

In winter, our most intense season, we offer intense competition and open class training.

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