Weekly Results

Weekly Top Scorers

u10 Marlito Quijada- 4 (Bolts)
u11 David Sellars – 4 (Ginga)
u12 Nicholas Goncalves – 5 (Valeo)
u13 Gavin Baer 5 – (Ginga), Everson Goglia (Ginga)
u14 Mohamed Ali Mehaya – 4 Ginga)
u16 Oscar Martinez – 6 (Ginga)
u18 Angel Ortez – 4 (Ginga)
u20 Kaoru Fujiwara – 4 (Black Knights)

Important Info

Top Teams

u10 NEFC
u11 Valeo FC
u12 Ginga Independiente
u13 Ginga Estudiantes
u14 Ginga Boca Jr’s
u16 Ginga Colo-Colo
u18 Ginga Palmeiras
u20 Revere Bolts

Weekly Results for 12-22-19

Extreme excitement as we wrap up for the holiday break. In the u10 division, 7 year old Marlon Quijada had a grown-up performance scoring 4 in his match. Moving up an age group, Ginga Santos and NEFC battled to the very end. NEFC pulled away and secured a 9-8 victory. The Valeo Somervilles hashed it out in the u12 division, wish with the Brazil side inching away with bragging rights at practice. Speaking of bragging rights, Ginga Independiente clinched a 5-4 win over club rivals Nacional, a result that landed them at top of the table. Finally, At the u20 division, Black Knights and Ginga Inter tied 4-4. Black Knights get special praise for their sportsmanship. A few of the Ginga boys went to the wrong facility leaving that group down a man. Black Knights did not take advantage of the situation and pulled a man off till the Ginga players arrived. That does it for this week. We at Futsal Super League wish all our members only the best during the holidays and a wonderful new year!

Weekly Results for 12-15-19

Week two is in the books! The Super League had a number of riveting games.  In the u13 age bracket, Juventus barely inched ahead of Valeo 07 6-5.  In the u11 bracket we had a brilliant individual performance by David Pereira, who scored 6 for his Bolts Revere team in their commanding win over Ginga Santos. The u18 level saw an electrifying performance by Ginga Palmeiras, who pulled away from a 1 x 1 tie with Bolts Revere 03/04 to take the win. Finally, the game of the weekend!–– a 7 x 7 tie between Bolts Revere and Black Knights in the u20 division. Special mention for Enrico Bonfardeci with another hat-trick performance!

Weekly Results for 12-8-2019

An exciting first week for Futsal Super League. We had some games not for the faint of heart. In the u11 bracket a game left fans on the edge of their bleacher seats. Valeo FC’s 09 team bested Ginga Santos, 6 to 3, with a stellar performance by Daniel Borges with 4 goals. At the complete opposite end of the age spectrum, in the u20 division, the emotions where running wild in the stands! Revere Bolts  inched a comeback win over Juventus, 7-6, led by their hat-trick hero Enrico Bonfardeci. At the end of the weekend we have Ginga North Atlantic leading most age divisions due to goal differential. Will they be able to keep it up? Tune in next week.